Gonzales Grows Green (G3) Economic  Sustainability Program

The Gonzales Grows Green (G3) Economic Sustainability Program is a product of the “Gonzales Grows Green” Sustainable Community Initiative (G3 Initiative), an outgrowth of the city’s "Vision Statement" adopted in 2005.  The basic concept of sustainability is to allow the needs of current generations to be met in a manner that does not compromise the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.  The G3 Initiative is built around three principles:
  • Economic Viability:  Diversify and grow;
  • Environmental Responsibility: Do the right thing; and
  • Social Equity:  Educate, provide context and relevancy for and to all city residents
The cornerstone of the Economic Sustainability Program is the formation of partnerships with private businesses, the Gonzales Unified School District, and other public agencies.  The objectives are to improve community sustainability, increase prosperity through fostering of business-to-business and public-private partnerships, improve regulatory compliance, and increase community environmental awareness and public safety.

The city has been successful in creating an environment for environmentally friendly businesses. The city utilizes technology developed by these businesses to promote ecological and economic sustainability. The city’s team of sustainability experts can provide technical assistance regarding energy efficiency, clean and renewable energy resources, recycling and accessibility to green technology programs (incentives, rebates, tax credits). Through the city’s sustainability program, business can find green technology solutions that are sustainable and affordable.