Projects & Plans

New business growth and development activities are flourishing in Gonzales! Future development plans are underway for new construction projects providing opportunities for investment, economic growth and job creation. The current projects underway or recently completed include:

Expansion of Taylor Farms' Fresh-cut Vegetable Processing Plant

Taylor Farms' presence in Gonzales began in 2003 under the name of Foxy Foods. At that time, a 53,650± square foot building was constructed for receiving raw product and the processing and packaging of fresh vegetables.  Taylor Farms has recently completed an 84,227± square foot expansion of their Gonzales processing plant making Taylor Farms Gonzales’ largest business and employer with an estimated 600 jobs. Headquartered in Salinas, Taylor Farms currently ranks as the world's largest producer of fresh-cut vegetables. With products that range from bagged salads to freshly prepared meals, Taylor Farms supplies many of the largest supermarket chains and foodservice restaurants in the United States.

Growers Express Constructs New Facility in Gonzales' Industrial Park

Growers Express has constructed a 63,567± square foot building for receiving raw product, cooling and shipping of fresh vegetables. Growers’ expansion in to Gonzales also includes a 3,195± square foot office building. Growers Express is a farmer-owned and integrated grower, packer and shipper of premium-quality fresh fruits and vegetables. Founded in 1987, Growers Express grows and distributes more than 40 fresh produce items throughout North America from a year-round ground operation that exceeds 50,000 acres. In 1995, Growers Express became a licensed partner of Green Giant Fresh, which is the nation's most trusted brand in the fresh produce category.

New Pharmacy Building Constructed Downtown

A 4,275± square foot building is currently under construction within the Downtown Central Business District to serve as the permanent home for the Gonzales Pharmacy. The pharmacy is currently located in leased space near the construction site. The pharmacy’s owner and head pharmacist, Jimmy Eitoku has envisioned building on the site since 2008.

New Medical Office Building Coming Soon!

The Green Valley Corporation (doing business as Barry Swenson Builder) will construct a 6,400± square foot medical office building on vacant property located east of U.S. Highway 101. The building will be leased by  Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital (SVMH). Gonzales Medical Group, Inc. has an agreement with SVMH to move to the new location; providing new and improved facilities and equipment and more than doubling its patient treatment space.

Luigi’s Italian Restaurant Opens in Downtown

The Bozzo Family, very successful restaurateurs in Salinas, has opened a new 2,848± square foot restaurant in the Downtown Central Business District of Gonzales. Known as Luigi’s, the restaurant features authentic Italian dishes. The city’s Economic Development Strategies have long called for a fine dining establishment within the downtown. Luigi’s fulfills that calling and should succeed in serving Gonzales residents and visitors for many years to come.