City Services & Utilities

The City of Gonzales is a full service city providing a proactive community policing program; fire protection and emergency response; planning and building services; economic development; public recreation; and general City administration and management.  The City operates modern sewer and water systems and maintains streets and storm drainage facilities. Specific questions with regard to city services can be addressed by calling City Hall at (831) 675-5000.


Wireless Broadband service in Gonzales is provided by Redshift. A new fiber optic network will soon light up Gonzales, delivering low cost, gigabit-class connectivity to businesses. Funded by the California Public Utility Commission and built by Sunesys, it will pass key commercial and industrial sites on Alta and Belden streets, offering the same kind of high capacity broadband service and dark fiber links to high tech hubs that drives economic growth in Palo Alto, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz and San Leandro.

Electricity & Natural Gas

The Pacific Gas and Electric Company, commonly known as PG&E, is an investor-owned utility that provides natural gas and electricity to most of the northern two-thirds of California, from Bakersfield almost to the Oregon border. Specific questions with regard to electricty and natural gas services in Gonzales can be addressed by calling PG&E Customer Service at (800) 743-5000.

Solid Waste

Solid waste in Gonzales is collected by Tri-Cities Disposal, a franchise refuse hauler providing regularly scheduled trash pick-up and recycling services to GOnzales and other cities in the Salinas Valley and region. Specific qustions with regard to solid waste services can be addressed by call Tri-Cities Disposal at (888) 678-6798.