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The quaint and culturally diverse community of Gonzales is at the heart of the food, wine and agricultural renaissance taking place in Monterey County’s fertile and productive Salinas Valley. The City’s small town character, relaxed lifestyle, and moderate climate are appealing to people and present unique opportunities for economic development.

Located in the heart of the nation’s salad bowl, Gonzales is an established regional leader in agricultural-technology and innovation, environmental awareness and sustainable practices. Known as the ‘Wine Capital of Monterey County”, radiating from the heart of Gonzales River Road, are approximately 11 vineyards with tasting rooms, picnic areas, wine country charm, down-to-earth staff, and visitor amenities.

Gonzales’ location and responsive city government offers an economic advantage to employers that desire to start a business, expand and diversify operations, or relocate.  Located in Gonzales, or within close proximity, is a work force with diverse skills, including health care, public administration, manufacturing and education.

Gonzales is one of the most affordable housing markets in the region making homeownership a reality for many residents. Gonzales is dedicated to building not only business, but community, wellness, and family. From affordable housing to beautiful parks and open spaces, Gonzales is a great place to work and raise a family.

Gonzales Featured ...

Small town thinks and acts big on green economic development

The City of Gonzales was featured on The Registry in an article by Irwin Speizer.

October 22, 2015

GONZALES, CA - A strong breeze blows through the Salinas Valley, past vineyards and vegetable rows and small towns along busy Highway 101 until it reaches Gonzales, where it pauses to spin a commercial-size wind turbine that produces energy for one of the city’s main employers. The wind turbine stands as a symbol of achievement for a place that prides itself on a progressive can-do attitude that marries distinctly green policies with aggressive business expansion and development.

Those two aims are often at odds, particularly in California. But Gonzales, a city of about 9,000 people, has figured out a way to bolster economic development while simultaneously advancing a commitment to sustainable and green principles. The results are in the numbers: Gonzales saw its property tax base grow by 16.65 percent from 2014 to 2015; double that of the next closest municipality in Monterey County. It has done that while simultaneously reducing the city’s carbon footprint thanks to the addition of solar and wind power, creative recycling programs and other efforts organized under a city initiative called Gonzales Grows Green (G3). The G3 initiative is built around three principles: economic vitality through diversity in growth, environmental responsibility and social equity.

“We are about sustainability, using the environment better, saving energy,” says Gonzales City Manager René Mendez. “It provides additional value to companies besides breaks on fees. This is something else we bring to the table.”

At the heart of what makes Gonzales work is a user-friendly approach to development that seeks solutions over confrontations. It is an attitude reflected in the 350-foot wind turbine, which Gonzales wanted to build as a sustainable power source. At first the turbine seemed doomed by concerns about its potentially lethal impact on the endangered California condor, which has been reintroduced to the mountainous Pinnacles National Park to the east to Big Sur on the west.
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Gonzales Business Testimonials

"The City staff are incredibly professional and they have gone above and beyond to work cooperatively with us.  They know the issues and are thoughtful and diligent in working through solutions."  Mike James, CFO Green Valley Farm Supply
"Every time I call to ask a question of someone at City Hall, my questions are answered very quickly.  My busy days are not stretched out waiting for an answer, and I appreciate the promptness of the staff.”   Jimmy Eitoku, Pharmacist Gonzales Rx Pharmacy

Gonzales Wind Turbine Powers
Taylor Farms Fresh Vegetable Processing Plant

GONZALES, CA - On November 17, 2014, the Gonzales wind turbine began suppplying a clean and sustainable source of power to the Taylor Farms fresh vegetable processing plant located in the Gonzales Agricultural Business Industrial Park. 

Why is There a Wind Turbine Located in Gonzales?

The wind turbine is a component of the City’s Community Sustainability Initiative (aka Gonzales Grows Green [G3]). The City already boasts of a robust recycling program for its residents and businesses, has solarized its municipal domestic water well system, and has solarized its municipal wastewater treatment plant. The City’s attention to sustainable practices has saved taxpayer dollars and added to the City’s already charmed quality of life. Harnessing the strong valley breeze that arises in Gonzales every afternoon is the next logical progression toward making the City more sustainable and less reliant on traditional sources of energy. The wind turbine will account for an 80% reduction in the City’s carbon footprint for its commercial and industrial sectors, which puts the City in line with the objectives of the City’s Climate Action Plan.

What is the Cost of the Wind Turbine? Is it a Burden on Local Taxpayers?

By negotiating various agreements, the City’s investment in the wind turbine project is minimal, which includes staff time to process permits, seek government approvals, and prepare legal agreements. The property on which the wind turbine is located belongs to the City. The wind turbine was constructed at no cost to the City. Taylor Farms will lease the wind turbine from the City for 25 years. Taylor Farms has a separate power purchase agreement with Foundation Windpower, a Silicon Valley company that installs and maintains commercial-scale wind turbines for businesses.

How Much Power does the Wind Turbine Produce?

Assuming the wind turbine was in use 24 hours a day, the power yield would be 2,500,000 kilowatt hours, which is enough power to serve 700 single-family homes. It is anticipated that the wind turbine will provide approximately 50% of the electrical demand of the Taylor Farms Plant.


Featured Properties

Gonzales Agricultural Industrial Business Park

101 Puente Del Monte Avenue - 12.94+/- acre buildable site. Infrastructure and utilities stubbed to property. City services. Easy access to U.S. Hwy 101.

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119 Alpine Drive - 3.66+/- acre site. Corner location. Excellent visibility and access. Infrastructure and utilities stubbed to property. City services. U.S. Hwy 101 easily accessible.
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Highway Commercial Development Opportunity

The City seeks the development of a retail commercial use on 1.98± acres and a fast food restaurant on .62± acres in a prime setting at Fifth Street and U.S. Hwy 101. Click here for a property flyer.
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  • Thursday, October 22, 2015
    City of Gonzales, Featured in The Registry in an article written by Irwin Speizer
    The City of Gonzales was featured on The Registry in an article by Irwin Speizer.  
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  • Wednesday, July 15, 2015
    Pacific International Marketing (PIM)
    Gonzales, CA – Officials with PMI, and their planning consultant, met with the City Planning Director on May 20th to discuss their proposal to construct a truck servicing facility. The facility is to be located on 4.13 acres of property owned by PMI. The truck depot site will consist of automobile and truck fueling stations, a convenience store/restaurant, a truck scale and parking. The facility will serve the proposed use of service existing truck traffic and employee traffic in the industrial park. The projects Conditional Use Permit was approved by the Planning Commission July 13th. City staff is currently working with PMI on the issuance of a Site Plan Permit.
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  • Friday, July 10, 2015
    Peer Convening
    Gonzales, CA – In February 2015, the City of Salinas submitted a Request For Assistance (RFA) to the National Resource Network, together with the cities’ of Gonzales, and Soledad, seeking help in preparing for a local economy in which agricultural technologies (AgTech) are likely to play an increasingly important role. The RFA materials noted that technological change may cause significant disruptions to the agricultural industry, complicating the already difficult challenge of matching large number of young residents with good jobs as they enter the workforce over the next decade. Following an assessment of core challenges and opportunities, the National Resource Networks accepted the cities’ joining applications. As part of the process, representatives from the three cities traveled to Miami Florida the month of June, to take part in a Peer Convening with approximately 47 other cities to discuss common issues and solutions. 
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  • Friday, July 03, 2015
    Armanasco Public Relations
    Gonzales, CA – In October 2013, the City Council adopted an Economic Development Strategy & Action Plan to guide the implementation of the City’s economic development goals and objective for a five year period. Among the Strategy’s highest priorities is for the City to take the necessary actions to promote what the City has achieved, and to brand and market the City as a regional leader in innovative economic development activities. At the request of the City Manager, Armanasco Public Relations (‘APR’), Inc. council approved a standard Contractual Agreement with APR on June 1st.
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  • Tuesday, June 30, 2015
    Grower's Express
    Gonzales, CA – Grower’s Express, under the name of Express Harvesting, has leased the Gonzales Packing Shed, building formerly used for the packaging of tomatoes. Grower’s will be processing and packaging Brussels sprouts. The packaging operation was formerly located in Salinas. The move of operation to Gonzales allows the product to be processed in a shorter time, improving the products shelf life. There are approximately 75 general labor jobs available at the plant, and during the peak of the harvest season (June through January) the plant is expected to employ 250 to 300 workers. Grower’s has received over 250 applications for employment.
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  • Friday, June 12, 2015
    Cooperage Expansion
    Gonzales, CA – Winery staff and Director discussed a proposed project to include twelve (12) approximately 109,000 gallon wine storage tanks to be located in the north-west quadrant of the winery property. The winery does not advance an overall increase in wine production as a result of this project. The tanks are intended to replace storage volume lost from the removal of other on-site storage vessels, helping to reduce early shipment of wine to off-site locations. A Site Plan Permit with conditions of approval was approved on April 21st and a Building Permit was issued on May 28th. The project is expected to be finalized this upcoming month of August.  
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  • Tuesday, May 26, 2015
    Gonzales, CA - The City of Gonzales hosted a grand opening for its new branchlet, on May 22nd 2015. The branchlet was gifted to the community of the City of Gonzales by Little Free Library and Monterey County Free Libraries (MCFL). The Little Free Library has been placed in front of City Hall, situated on the corner of Center Street and Fourth Street. It will remain open to the public 24/7 and is full with wonderful books for all ages. MCFL and City Staff, will work together in the attempt to keep our Little Free Library stocked with books.
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  • Monday, May 18, 2015
    A perfect place for mid-size businesses

    Gonzales, CA - At the end of April, 2015, brothers and business partners Joe, Mario, and Sal Alvarez opened their third ACE Hardware franchise location in Monterey County in the Gonzales Shopping Center.  Alvarez is proud to bring a store to the community that will be adding significant dollars to the local economy.  In addition to increasing the tax base, he is excited to bring jobs to the community in the form of two full-time and four part-time jobs.  

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  • Thursday, November 13, 2014
    Gonzales, CA - Home sales continue to rebound in many parts of the State but at a slower pace than the prior year due to inventory, interest rate and affordability constraints. The reported median price of an existing single-family detached home in California during July 2014 was $393,000, which was a 11.6% increase from $352,000 in June 2013. The median sale price of a single-family home in Gonzales from January through July 2014 was $253,000, which represents a $57,500 (29.4%) increase in median sale price from 2013.

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  • Wednesday, October 08, 2014
    Gonzales, CA - A recent study by UC Davis projects that the socioeconomic impacts of the current drought will be 50% more severe than in 2009 with 410,000 acres of row and feed crops taken out of production in order to preserve diminishing water supplies for longer term orchard and vineyard investments and the thinning of cattle and dairy herds in anticipation of green pasture shortages. A loss of 14,500 jobs is estimated as are higher food prices and increased energy costs to replace the loss of inexpensive hydro power. Even so, most analysts predict that the near term impact on the overall statewide economy and 2014-15 sales tax receipts should be minor though some localized pockets may be vulnerable where dependency on agricultural and water-related tourism expenditures is exceptionally high.
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  • Thursday, September 25, 2014
    Gonzales, CA - After two years of double-digit growth in residential permitting, California is off to a slow start through May of 2014. So far, there has been roughly 2.5% more residential permits issued this year versus the same period in 2013. However, given the supply issues noted here as well as the steady increases in home prices, builders should continue to expand the stock of residential properties in the state.
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  • Thursday, August 07, 2014
    Gonzales, CA - California remains a driver of nationwide job growth. Through May 2014, job growth in California outpaced the U.S. overall for the 27th consecutive month. Indeed, California has added back virtually all of the 1.38 million jobs lost during the downturn.
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  • Wednesday, July 30, 2014
    Gonzales, CA - The City of Gonzales is proud to announce that it has taken delivery of, and has begun construction of, a commercial-scale wind turbine on land adjacent to the City’s Agricultural Industrial Business Park. The first of two wind turbines to be constructed by the City, the turbine is intended to provide a clean sustainable source of energy to businesses located in the Industrial Park.
    The Gonzales wind turbine is a component of the City’s Community Sustainability Initiative (aka Gonzales Grows Green [G3]). The City already boasts of a robust recycling program for its residents and businesses, has solarized its municipal domestic water well system, and has solarized its municipal wastewater treatment plant. The City’s attention to sustainable practices has saved tax payer dollars and added to the City’s already charmed quality of life.
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  • Tuesday, June 24, 2014
    Monterey, CA - The Monterey Bay Economic Partnership unveiled its new, visually enticing website for the first time publicly at the Monterey Bay Regional Critical Conversation Tuesday.  Far more than a website, it's a comprehensive regional strategy for attracting business and optimizing the region's economic potential through collaborative partnerships.

    So far, local and state partners include the economic development departments for the cities of Gonzales, Greenfield, Marina, Monterey, Santa Cruz, Salinas, Sand City, Seaside and the County of Monterey; the Monterey County Business Council, Monterey-Salinas Transit, Monterey Regional Airport and Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E).
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  • Friday, June 20, 2014
    Gonzales, CA - The City of Gonzales has launched a website dedicated solely to economic development. The development of the website is an action item included in the City's Economic Development Strategy & Action Plan adopted by the City Council in October 2013.
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  • Thursday, June 12, 2014
    Gonzales, CA - Grading activities began today signaling the beginning of construction of the Gonzales Medical Office Building. The building is owned by the Green Valley Corporation and is being constructed by Barry Swenson Builder, a land developer and general contractor with headquarters in San Jose, California.
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  • Monday, May 19, 2014
    Gonzales, CA - The Bozzo Family, very successful restaurateurs in Salinas, has opened a new 2,848± square foot restaurant in the Downtown Central Business District of Gonzales.
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  • Friday, May 16, 2014
    Gonzales, CA - City officials were surprised to learn on Friday that Dole will close its Gonzales Fresh Vegetable Processing Plant. The closure of the Dole facility will result in the loss of approximately 45 jobs. However, the City expects another company to move into the facility. City officials believe that the net gain from others expanding operations into Gonzales will more than make up for the loss of the 45 jobs.
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  • Monday, April 28, 2014
    Gonzales, CA - Growers Express has opened a newly constructed 63,567± square foot building in the Gonzales Agricultural Industrial Business Park for receiving raw product, cooling and shipping of fresh vegetables. Growers’ expansion in to Gonzales also includes a 3,195± square foot office building.
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  • Monday, April 28, 2014
    Gonzales, CA - Following an eight month construction period, which included expedited processing by the City of Gonzales’ Community Development and Building Departments, Taylor Farms has opened an 84,227± square foot expansion of their Gonzales processing plant making Taylor Farms Gonzales’ largest business and employer with an estimated 600 jobs.
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  • Thursday, January 16, 2014
    Gonzales, CA - The City of Gonzales is proud to announce the launch of OpenCounter Gonzales, a web-based tool that helps entrepreneurs to estimate the time, costs and requirements of opening a business in the city.  OpenCounter gives entrepreneurs easy access to city resources, including fee estimations, zoning inquiries and information on incentives and special programs within an intuitive online interface.
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