Expand or Locate Your Business in Gonzales

For you, expanding an existing business or locating the home of a new or relocated business is an important decision; one that depends on finding the perfect location and finding the right combination of demographics and economic data. Gonzales offers a competitive advantage for employers seeking to expand or relocate. Gonzales features a young, hardworking, bilingual workforce that is technically skilled, but hasn’t been tapped to its fullest potential, with many talented professionals living within the community or within a 30-minute commute distance.
Gonzales is located within a comfortable driving distance of several major California cities, and enjoys multiple transportation options. The City’s location makes receiving or moving products from here to anywhere, easy and quick. For a transportation map, click here.
Labor costs in various industries, are often 40% less than they are across California, and are roughly 50% less than those same cost are in the Bay Area.

Gonzales offers an affordable marketplace and a perfect combination of economic assets and business advantages all provided in a quaint rural setting. If your clients are looking for a California location to expand an existing business, locate a new business or relocate, Gonzales is a perfect choice.

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